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If you value high quality standards and prefer a privileged lifestyle, this offer is especially for you!!!

We bring to your attention  unique project of ultra-luxury villas 500m from the Mediterranean Sea. Located in ecologically clean village Yeshiloz, surrounded by tropical nature, away from noisy tourist routes. Due to the cascading location, each villa has its own view of Toros Mountains and Mediterranean Sea. Villa complex has its own private beach, and  shuttle service to it.  Uniqueness of  villas is given by original project – despite the fact that 5 buildings are part of one complex, each will have its own “face”. Concept reflects the balance of 5 natural elements – water, earth, wood, metal and fire. Facade design, planning, finishing materials, colors and textures – all embody these elements of nature.

Villas A and B. Total area of the villa is 509.5 sq.m

. Ground floor area: 120 sq.m (Kitchen: 9.50 sq.m., Bedroom: 15.00 sq.m., Cinema: 13.00 sq.m., Billiard room: 13.50 sq.m., Pantry: 1.40 sq.m., Hammam: 14.00 sq.m., Sauna: 7.50 sq.m., Staff room: 6.00 sq.m., Bathroom 1: 4.00 sq.m., Bathroom 2: 4.00 sq.m., Hall: 10.00 sq.m., Elevator: 2.50 sq.m.)

Area of the 0 floor: 141 sq. m. (Living room: 44,00 sq. m., Kitchen: 20,00 sq. m. Bedroom: 12,00 sqm Hall: 8,00 sqm, Elevator: 2,50 sq. m., San. node 1: 5,50 sq. m., San. node 2: 3,00 sq. m., terrace: 20,00 sq. m. Balcony: 1,00 sq. m.)

1st floor area: 145 sq.m (Bedroom 1: 14.00 sq.m., Bedroom 2: 18.00 sq.m., Bedroom 3: 20.00 sq.m., Study: 9.50 sq.m., Bathroom 1: 5.50 sq.m., Laundry: 7.00 sq.m., Bathroom 2: 4.00 sq.m., Bathroom 3: 7.00 sq.m., Balcony 1: 1.00 sq.m., Balcony 2: 4.00 sq.m., Terrace: 20.00 sq.m., Hall: 12.00 sq.m., Elevator: 2.50 sq.m.)

Attic floor area: 103.5 sq.m. (Bedroom: 18.00 sq.m., Gym: 18.00 sq.m., Hall: 8.00 sq.m., Bathroom 1: 4.50 sq.m., Dressing room: 5.00 sq.m., Bathroom: 4.00 sq.m., Terrace 1: 13.00 sq.m., Terrace 2: 12.00 sq.m., Elevator: 2.50 sq.m.)


Villa A – FOREST. This villa reflects the element of Wood, creative manifestation of development and growth. Energy of the Tree fills with youth and gives strength to the upward movement. A distinctive feature of this villa is the decoration of the facade elements with wood.

Villa B – FERRUM. Design of this villa reflects the element of Metal,  energy of which is manifested in hardness and impartiality. Due to this, all the energies move in a given sequence and have their own structure. Color of the facade of the villa reflects the color of element of metal.

Villas C, D and E. Total area of the villa is 426.7 sq.m.

Ground floor area: 100 sq m (Lobby: 10,00 sqm, Billiard room: 11,00 sq. m. Cinema: 10,00 sq. m., Kitchen: 7,00 sq. m. Bedroom: 12,00 sq. m., Hamam: 10,00 sq. m., Room: 7,00 sq. m. Sauna: 6,00 sq. m., San. node 1: 3,00 sq. m., San. node 2: 4,00 sq. m., lift: 2,50 sqm)

Enterance  floor area : 121 sq.m.( Living room: 34.00 sq.m., Kitchen-dining room: 20.00 sq.m., Bedroom: 12.00 sq.m., Hall: 8.00 sq.m., Elevator: 2.50 sq.m., Bathroom 1: 5.50 sq.m., Bathroom 2: 3.00 sq.m., Terrace: 20.00 sq.m., Balcony: 1.00 sq.m.)

1st floor area: 123,7 sqm (Bedroom 1: 13,50 sqm Closet: 10,50 sq. m. Bedroom 2: 15,50 sq. m., Room: 7,30 sqm Hall: 6,00 sq. m., San. node 1: 6,00 sq. m., Laundry: 6,50 sq. m. Storeroom: 3,00 sq. m., San. node 2: 6,30 sq. m, Balcony 1: 2,70 sq. m., terrace: 20,00 sq. m, Balcony 2: of 1.00 sqm, Elevator: 2,50 sqm)

Attic floor area: 82 sq. m(master Bedroom: 15,00 sq. m. Gym: 15,00 sqm Hall: 6,00 sq. m., San. node: 5,00 square meters, Elevator: 2,50 sq. m, terrace 1: 10,00 sqm, terrace 2: 10,00 sqm)

Villa C – TERRA. Design of this villa reflects the element of Earth, which is the basis of everything material in our world. It fills with energy of stability, constancy and reliability. Facade of the villa is finished with clinker brick, reflecting the essence of the villa’s name.

Villa D – WATERFALL. Design of the villa reflects the element of Water, which plays the role of  unifying, integrating factor in our world, contributes to emotional comfort and  sense of security. Private tropical waterfall is built into the wall of facade of villa.

Villa E – FLAME. Design of the villa reflects element of Fire, driving force of all phenomena of the world, promotes activation of human energy, raising the overall tone of body, physical activity. In the courtyard there is bio fireplace with seating area.

Construction is carried out according to the most modern technologies using high-quality materials. All villas will be commissioned with full finishing. Each villa has its own heated outdoor pool. Automatic lighting sensors. Satellite TV and Internet. Smart home system in each villa. Underfloor heating on each floor.

Delivery of the project is scheduled for 04.2024.

!!! The purchase of a villa is a sufficient basis for the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

!!!With an initial payment of 30% of the cost, it is possible to purchase a villa in interest-free installments before the completion of construction.

!!!!With 100% discount payment

!!! Possible sale for cryptocurrency

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  • Property ID: 6154
  • Price: FROM 870,000€
  • Property Size: 427 m2
  • Land Area: 400 m2
  • Bedrooms: 5
  • Rooms: 14
  • Bathrooms: 9
  • Year Built: 2024
  • Property Type: Villa
  • Property Status: SOLD

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