Management of your property – Our service for you

Management of your property – Our service for you!

A professional management of the property is very important for those who are planning to buy an apartment or villa in Turkey.

We are offering our customers a comprehensive management of your property and ensure that everything is ready at your arrival, so you can relax during your stay in your home in Alanya.

Our standart management service includes a regular control and maintenance of your property in Turkey.

To avoid damages in your property a regularly control is very important. For example in the case of water damage it can cause a permanent damage and unpleasant smell.

Do not waste your precious time during your stay with improvements or renovations; use our service to complete these repairs before your arrival.

Our management package for you:

1. Your property will be checked once a month; in case of heavy rain and storms we provide a further control.

2. The ventilation of the property belongs also to the standard of the controls.

3. We are checking your property for possible water leaks.

4. Flushing the toilets and faucets in order to avoid unpleasant smell of the drains.

5. Controlling of the electricity, the electricity meter and water meter.

6. The property will be inspected detailed and in case of something is wrong, we will inform you immediately and, if necessary, provide for redress.

7. During each inspection we will leave a checklist in your property so that they can check all the controls at your arrival.

8. The payments of your water, electricity, telephone and internet bills are part of our service.

9. Once a year we take care of the payment of property taxes in the municipality.

10. The renewal of the household insurance

Property management fees:

Apartments in Alanya – 200 € per year

Penthouses in Alanya – 250 € per year

Villas in Alanya – 300 € per year

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